ISM members are invited to submit nominations for both the James H. Lieberman Award and the Conway L. Holmes Award. The submitted award nominees will be evaluated prior to the annual Installation Banquet, by an Awards Committee. Submissions should be forwarded directly to Awards Chair, via e-mail:

The criteria for the annual James H. Lieberman Award and Conway L. Holmes Award are as follows:



  1. Nominees must be retired;
  2. Nominees must have been an ISM member for a minimum of ten (10) years; and
  3. Nominees must have provided the local affiliate with outstanding contributions.



This award is the affiliate's recognition of an outstanding individual for his/her contributions to the Institute for Supply Management - San Antonio, Inc., the Purchasing profession, and the economic development of Bexar County and South Texas. The award is based on valuable, observable service, which could have been a short burst of brilliance leading to a lasting contribution or a long period of steady service lending stability to our association or the Purchasing profession in general. To be considered for the Conway L. Holmes Award, the nominees must have been regular members of ISM-San Antonio for the past five (5) years or more. Nominations should be submitted in writing in MS Word format.



  1. Personal Data
    1. Name
    2. Home Address
  2. Nominated by: Individual name(s) and telephone number(s)
  3. Company Affiliation
    1. Name of Employer
    2. Address/Telephone Number
    3. Position
    4. Number of Years in Purchasing
    5. Scope of Responsibilities
    6. Association Activities Name of Employer
    7. Address/Telephone Number
    8. Position
    9. Number of Years in Purchasing
  4. Scope of Responsibilities
    1. Date joined local association
    2. List offices held
  5. Committee service including Chairmanship, workshops conducted, committees served on, magazine board, time for each.
  6. Number of years as a member of ISM (excluding associate membership)
  7. Formal education
    1. List names, locations, degrees conferred and honors received; seminars and courses including credit and non-credit.
    2. Awards and honors


The Conway L. Holmes Award is presented to an individual whose faithful, sincere, and persistent leadership has enhanced the stature of the purchasing profession in the local ISM affiliate and who has shared his/her knowledge and wisdom to help his/her fellow man.

Prepare a narrative to describe Nominee's professional contribution to ISM at all levels of membership and precisely how he/she has personally and generously shared time/knowledge and counseling with others in the business world. Description of speeches, articles, seminar leadership, community affairs participation, conference leadership, and assistance to state and local government business activities are examples.

Please submit information via e-mail in MS Word format to ISM Awards Chair at. Your submissions are appreciated.